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martedì 31 gennaio 2017

Macroeconomics: The Development of Modern Methods for Policy Analysis

by William Scarth

This important textbook offers a comprehensive look into the two main traditions in contemporary macroeconomics - New Classical and Keynesian - and examines the work of economists who have drawn on principles from both traditions to form a new, integrated approach known as New Neoclassical Synthesis. Importantly, this provides the theoretical foundation for much of current mainstream economics and the work done by central banks around the world. With a dual focus on research methods and policy applications, this book bridges the gap between intermediate macroeconomic and advanced graduate-level texts, making it an ideal resource for senior undergraduate and Masters students in applied economics programs. Key topics include: * a concise summary of intermediate macroeconomics, including the foundational ideas of both the New Classical and Keynesian traditions * the Lucas critique of standard methods for evaluating policy design * debt sustainability and austerity vs. stimulation debate * optimal inflation rates * tax reform and growth analysis * alternative monetary policies for pursuing price stability * theories of unemployment. Students and instructors will find additional useful resources on the book's companion website, including practice questions for each chapter.